Panama is opening the opportunities to obtain permanent residency not only to Foreigner Investor but also to every Foreigner Professional who wants to stay, live and work in Bocas del Toro or anywhere else in Panama.

On October 9th, 2012, Panama President, Ricardo Martinelli, signed a new executive order Nº 804, which allows foreigner from any nationality to apply for permanent residency as “Professional”. This order is particularly directed to those professionals that can contribute to the national development of the Country, for peace purposes and to create foreigner relations with other Countries. However this order is regulated and only applies to those Professions that are not limited by the Constitution of Panama and exclusive for Panamanians citizen by birth or to Panamanians by Naturalization.

Besides the general requirements mentioned in Article 28 of the Law Decree No. 3 of February 22nd, 2010 in which all foreign applicants must comply

1.  Notarized copies of complete Passport
2. Original Police record
3. Certificate of good health
4. Proof of payment of Repatriation deposit and payment to the National Treasury for application process
5. Affidavit from applicant

The only extra requirement is to present the Professional Certificate, Doctor or Master Decree and authenticated or apostilled.

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