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Did you know that Panamanian Government recognizes the possession over National Land (Right of Possession) to those Natural Persons and Corporation that have kept and maintained their possession for over five years?

Below you’ll find the documents that you’ll need in order to obtain your Title and a brief explanation:


a)    Power of Attorney
b)    Certification of existence of the Corporation
c)    Meetings of Board of Directors of the Corporation
d)    Land Purchase Contract or any other documentation such as Certifications of Possession issue by the Mayor of Chief of Police that proves the possession.
e)    Survey, this must be a special survey with 3 specific geodesic points of coordinates, based on the Law No. 80 of December 31st, 2009, is a requirements of ANATI(Panamanian National Authority of Land)
f)     Updated Certification of Possession issued by the Chief of Police of the area.
g)    Present five witness’s declaration (affidavit) done before a Public Notary, in which these persons will state that you (client/applicant) is the possessor of the land, and  improvements on the land (if any) and time period of the possession.
h)    A few pictures of the Property


  • The Title Application must be presented before the ANATI’s office. 
  • Once the Application has been presented it will be up to the client or the Lawyer who handles the application to coordinate the two required inspections on the land:

_ The first inspection is done by a Panama city ANATI officer, where he/she will verify the location of the land, improvement, facts of possession or anything else that has been declared in your Title application, the second inspection is done by officer either from the regional office or from Panama city ANATI’s office to verify the survey in reference with the land and marked steak points based on the survey’s new reference points and coordinates

  • After the two inspections have been performed, ANATI officers will review the complete Title Application file and the rest of the documents: Proof of Possession, inspections, affidavit and if all evidences are completed, they will proceed to issue and sign the “Edicto” which is a “public legal notice” that is posted for  five days at the Chief of Police (Corregidor) office of the area, so that publicly every person on that area acknowledge about the existing Title Application in process).  This “Edicto” is also useful for any person that affected by a Title Application that could be affecting their property so that this person could also present a formal opposition.  

Once the If no one presents any opposition to the Title Application, the file goes to the ANATI Director Office for the final review and evaluation so that the Final Resolution of Adjudication is prepared and signed.